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The word is out, Ninja Tune and Coldcut have just unveiled their much-anticipated sequel to Ninja Jamm! Going by the name of Jamm Pro, their latest production and live performance app for iPad will feature the ability to upload your own samples, as well as sharpened performance, modulation, and patching capabilities.

The highlight of the Jamm Pro includes users most requested feature now giving full artistic control by allowing users to use their own sounds. These can be samples from downloaded Sound Sets, or recordings made using the iPad’s microphone, other apps, and external sources such as guitar and keyboard.

Jamm Pro’s key features include:

• Multitrack recording: Transforms Jamm Pro into a production tool: recordings are saved with all channels individually recorded. You can then load these into an editor/DAW such as Ableton, Logic or Pro Tools to work on further.

• Inter-App Audio: The ability to connect and record in from existing drum machine and synth apps means users can have a full studio set-up with Jamm Pro at the centre.

• Coldcutter module: Enables buffer shuffle and modulation matrix for sophisticated beat manipulation. Users can trigger automatic call and response between channels, algorithmic evolutions of samples and modular synth-like patchable modulation sequencers.

• In-app help: Access help overlay screens from wherever you are in the app by clicking on the Ninja icon to explain all the page’s functions.

• Sub-bass module: Automatically generate heavy bass kicks and basslines from drum samples.

• Loopstation functions: Use Jamm Pro as a Loopstation — perfect for vocalists to loop and layer vocals as well as beatboxing via instant recording.

• MIDI input: MIDI Learn allows easy connection of MIDI hardware to trigger and control Jamm Pro.

• Multi-touch tip control: Use small finger movements to simultaneously and intuitively control multiple FX at once.

• Slice sequencer: Unique and highly interactive feature allowing users to simply draw on the screen to restructure any sample.

• Smart pitch bends: Change the pitch of any or all of the channels in real-time to inspire musically apt progressions.

• Scratch functionality: Experiment with the iconic hip hop technique by applying the effect to any sample

Coldcut’s Matt Black said, “Sound is living data, like DNA. Just as information wants to be free, not fixed, sound can be fluidly mixed, mutated, and recombined in infinite ways so the mix is never finished, it stays alive.”

Check out the official Jamm Pro announcement video below. Jamm Pro can now be downloaded from the App Store.

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