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The 40th edition of the Scandalo social soireé descends once again on Brooklyn hotspot Black Flamingo on Friday, February 21 from 10 PM to 4 AM. This time, promoter and resident DJ fernanDITO is joined by a special guest DJ Virginie.

Virginie (a.k.a. VIR), hot off a recent performance with Crazy P and Session Victim during Barcelona’s OFF Week, will be playing downstairs with fernanDITO. Bold and groovy behind the decks, Virginie combines a midas touch of house, disco, and techno, with references to her influences in funk, hip-hop, soul, and jazz. New York City local TOBY will be DJing vinyl upstairs all night, and Queen Nelly Fur Taco is on hosting duty, serving up looks and hooks — so you better be on your best behavior.

Learn more about Black Flamingo, a vegan restaurant during the day, through our in-depth coverage in DJ Times’ sister magazine ClubWorld. Read on to learn more about guest DJ Virginie, who we caught up with for an in-depth look into her world.

DJ Times: How did you link up with Fernandito and his Scandalo party?
Virginie: I’ve known Fernando since we were little. One of the things that has united us in a long friendship was our love for music. I hadn’t seen him for a long time, but we recently caught up in Barcelona at an event where I was playing. When I finished my set, he told me about Scandalo, and I knew I had to play.

DJ Times: What can fans expect from your DJ set at Scandalo?
Virginie: I’m not going to tell you too much… 🙂 Expect a surprise! A very powerful set full of soul, strength, and mischief.

DJ Times: How did you get started DJing?
Virginie:I have more than 20 years of experience DJing, but I never took it as seriously as I am now. My interest began during my time in New York during the 90’s when I saw artists like Masters at Work, DJ Spinna, and Ron Trent. I spent my Sundays at Body & Soul… Joe Claussel was one of my favorites from then on. I felt captivated by that energy of the city and wanted to be part of the culture.

DJ Times: You in a DJ duo called Shakti Alliance. What’s the story behind that group?
Virginie:SHAKTI ALLIANCE is myself and MODET (Troy Modet). We strengthen our experiences through our extensive journey and love for music, and together we have a lot of power, vibrating the DJ booths where we pass, filling the ears of the people who enjoy the rhythms of the world. We really enjoy acid sounds, darker beats, Detroit, and other influences, like African and Arabian music. As a solo DJ, I’m more eclectic. I like to do sets full of soulful songs, classic house bangers, Latin, jazz influences, disco, hip-hop, and funk.

DJ Times: What is the story behind Radio C/C?
Virginie:C/C is a community-based, online radio station that streams from Barcelona. We feature local artists, international DJs, and musicians that happen to be in the city. We’ve been live since November 2017 and I have been curating most of the artists we feature.

DJ Times: You live in Barcelona, one of our most favorite cities in the world. Barcelona is a wonderful city for dance music fans. What would you recommend DJ Times readers see when they visit?
Virginie:Razzmatazz is a huge place, with four rooms, where u can enjoy electronic music, urban sounds, and house music. Sala Apollo have a great variety of international and Spanish DJs. If you enjoy techno and electro in a classic format, go to MOOG, a small club that is open from Monday to Sunday. LAUT has some of the best sounds in town for the electronic music lovers. Marula Café is for funk and disco lovers, and Curtis Audiophile Cafe & Record Store has a lot of charm, good cocktails, records, and the best national DJs that pass through.
DJ Times: Where do you shop for records in Barcelona?
Virginie:Discos Paradiso, Barcelona City Records, Rhythm Control, and Subwax.

DJ Times: What advice would you give an up-and-coming DJ/producer?
Virginie:The process of creating and learning is a journey. Keep creating and working, as you have to define your style through experience.

DJ Times: If you were stranded on a desert island and you could only bring three records with you, what would you bring?
Virginie:‘Diamond Life’ by Sade, ‘Brown Sugar’ by D’Angelo, and ‘H.E.R. Volume 1’ by H.E.R. These albums give me peace.

DJ Times: What’s your favorite record label in the world?
Virginie: I’m not sure I have a favorite… Stones Throw Records, I guess.

DJ Times: What’s your favorite musical genre to listen to?
Virginie:It depends on my mood, but probably Neo Soul, because I am very corny… [laughs]

DJ Times: What’s your favorite musical genre to DJ?
Virginie: Definitely electro and broken jazz beats.

Scandalo 40 will be free before midnight, so don’t forget to RSVP on Resident Advisor and Facebook.

Scandalo #40 with Virginie, fernanDITO & TOBY at Black Flamingo in Brooklyn

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