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There is certainly no denying that Wax Motif is one of the hottest names in the game when it comes to the world of electronic dance music, but this isn’t a case of overnight success. He’s been honing his craft for over a decade.

With hard-hitting house music becoming quite the festival fan-favorite over the past few years, his relentless beats quickly took the scene by storm.

After closing out the year with his collaboration with Matroda to bring us “Lose Control” followed by an official remix of DJ Snake and Eptic’s “SouthSide,” Wax Motif recently took the time to share his top production tips with all the up-and-coming producers out there.

Check out his five production tips below.

1. Saturate your bass and kick together and sidechain your bass to your kick. This will glue your elements together a bit nicer and give you a nice pump.

2. Group your drums & multiband compress them. Again, this is to give your drums a bit of glue and lets you bring out some of the lacking frequencies in your drums.

3. Most of my basses usually have some kind of envelope modulation or lfo on them. It’s essential for that “womp feel.” Get good at creative envelope ideas on your master or cutoff and you might find some interesting bass results.

4. Get all your creative done quickly. I try to make as many different sections as I can before I get tired of the idea. Worry about getting the technical aspects of the mix right later – when the structure of your track is there.

5. Create an ideas folder. I usually bounce all the little loop ideas I’ve made into a folder. When you’re stuck for inspiration or need to get a vibe going quickly, you got instant song starters at your fingertips.

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