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As the dubstep scene continues to thrive, dubstep powerhouse Never Say Die Black Label‘s celebrates its 100th release with a relentless new EP from one of the most promising producers in the scene, Kill Feed.

Currently celebrating its 5th anniversary alongside his new Valley Of Death EP serving as the imprint hitting the century mark, we caught up with the blossoming bass talent to pick his brain a bit when it comes to engineering these punishing tunes.

Check out Kill Feed’s essential tips when it comes to production below!

1. Theme
It's always good to start a project with a clear theme/idea in mind. For example, with my track ‘The Prayer’ I went for a theme in which I tried to represent the rise to heaven – hence the ‘angel’ choir singing. A good theme can provide a strong basis for your project.

2. Use Samples
Don&’t be afraid to use samples from sites such as Splice. You can of course experiment with making
samples yourself, but Splice is a great time-saver, which is essential. You want to keep the workflow
moving as smooth as possible, so locating pre-made samples can prove really useful depending on the

3. Inspiration
Here’s a tip if you are feeling uninspired. What I like to do personally is watch livestreams of other
artist’s live shows (For example Rampage, EDC, Lost Lands, etc.). There’s always such a huge volume
of good music being played, that some songs just activate a switch in my head and make me start

4. Sound Design
Find time at least once or twice a week to just sit down and make nothing but sounds. Just focus on
that sole element completely for a while. The way I like to do it, is just to activate "record" on in my
DAW and start messing with my preferred plugins. Once you’re done messing around like this, you
should have a huge selection of sounds ready to be used and edited.

5. Tutorials
What always helped me a lot when I first started making music was watching a lot of tutorials. They
teach you so much and can really get you started when you’re learning the ropes of music production.
These days, there is an extremely large amount of tutorials on YouTube – so don’t be afraid to go,
watch and learn from others.

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