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After welcoming the new decade with the release of Alchemy VI compilation, Tchami‘s Confession imprint prepares to bid farewell to the esteemed series coming to a close with the release of seventh and final Alchemy edition.

Being a compilation series showcasing the sounds of the freshest faces in the world of house music, The Final Alchemy stays true to its reputation in its finale feature hard-hitting tunes from the likes of MASTERIA & AceMyth, Kohmi, Spinstyles in addition to ZOOTAH & ESH’s blistering “Ride Or Die.”

Easily considered a stand-out of the compilation, ZOOTAH and ESH’s brooding collaboration serves as an exhilarating weapon that walks the line of breakbeat radiating an undeniable energy throughout.

Power into the weekend with ZOOTAH & ESH’s “Ride Or Die” below and enjoy!

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