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With bass music currently reigning supreme in the world of electronic dance music in the United States, many believed there would be a sudden surge in popularity when it came to the drum & bass genre. With the relentless production popping up more and more during sets these days, REAPER is one name that made it his mission to pump new life into the genre.

The mysterious masked mastermind had himself quite the coming-out party throughout 2019 and continues to make his presence felt throughout the scene fresh off the release of his sophomore RENEGADE EP.

With DnB being such a storied genre and an untapped goldmine to the causal bass music fan, REAPER took the time to share a few of his favorites that inspire him most.

“The RENEGADE EP is a story of uprising and rebellion. These are the sounds of aggression, swagger, and triumph involved in the defection from an evil machine-led government. The Renegades fight for those who are slaves to the tyrannical regime. I want this EP to serve as a reminder that individuality and freedom is always worth fighting for—even when it means standing up to threatening adversaries.” REAPER explains.

Check out REAPER‘s favorite drum ‘n’ bass tunes below.

DJ Hazard – Machete (2008) – “The noises and sounds in this track inspire a lot of my sound design and composition. I want to achieve this level of gnar. IT’S JUST SO WILD”

Rudimental ft. James Arthur – Sun Comes Up (Murdock Remix) (2017) – “One of the most feel-good dnb tracks I’ve ever heard.”

Chris Lorenzo & The Streets – Take Me as I Am (2019) – “The vocal of this track is stuck in my head at least once a week. This whole song is my party vibe. ”

Noisia & The Upbeats – Shibuya Pet Store (2018) – “I listen to this track when I want to feel like I’m being abducted by aliens. The atmosphere in the intro inspired the space was trying to create in the beginning of my RAPTURE EP.”

Ivy Lab – Cake (2018) – “Cake is so simple and so infectious. I can’t imagine a crowd that wouldn’t be into hearing this tune played out.”

Kasra & Enei – 40HZ (2019) – “The pulsing bassline in the drop KNOCKS. 40hz is a secret weapon in latest rekordbox playlists.”

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