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Dallas-Forth Worth has opened up and I’ve got a wedding booked the second week of June.

I’ve done lots of small guest-count weddings and have been successful. This will be another one.

My formula for these weddings (low guest count, no drinking, etc) has always been to try and design strategically placed “moments” throughout the open dance portion.

It’s kind of the formula I’ve used for years. My secret sauce, if you will.

How? We decide on how many ‘dips’ in the open dance portion we anticipate. Then we figure out what goes in those spots rather than reactively just waiting for them to happen.

Sometimes it’s something basic like a bouquet toss. It can be anything. I had a groom that was a decent singer. We had his guitar hidden behind the DJ booth and when we had a dip, we sat down the bride in a chair and he sang her a song. It makes it VERY easy to transition back into open dance.

Whether it’s bouquet toss, anniversary dance, alma mater stuff…that’s going to be as important as ever.

This particular couple is awesome. They’re a same sex (female) couple, super laid back, great attitude. They’ve said we’re going to do this if there are only four people!

I work closely with the venue and have for years. We’re going to do ceremony in one spot, dinner in another, and the party (weather permitting) in the courtyard. The other stipulation from the state of Texas is that if we’re outdoors, there’s no restriction on numbers. The venue’s not the type to go crazy with that, though.

There are table requirements, but I’m not sure what they are.

We are not required to wear masks (which I think is insane). I will be wearing one.  I’ve made that super clear to my clients. I am asthmatic. So I’ll be taking precautions.

I feel like personally we’ll (Texas) see a surge in cases by May’s end and may have to reconsider. But the state is pretty hell bent on moving forward.

I created a Covid page on my website w/ open Fridays and Saturdays. It allowed me to reschedule 19 events. I only lost one, which is remarkable as a single op.

Rod Baker owns DFW Parties in Dallas-Forth Worth. A native Texan who graduated from Oklahoma State University with a degree in journalism/advertising, he’s been full-time since 2009. 

Photo courtesy of Elisabeth Anne Photo.

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