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My very first review for DJ Times was of a Hercules DJ controller, and I’ve watched the company as it’s carved-out its niche, focusing on helping aspiring DJs affordably learn and develop their chops. But with their latest controller, the DJControl Inpulse 500, Hercules pushes upward a bit, promising a controller that’ll carry up and coming DJs out of the bedroom and into the barroom. Did they succeed?

I think they have. With support for Serato as well as the company’s own DJUCED software, new DJs can start affordably and move to one of the leading DJ software platforms and keep the controller they’re accustomed to along the way. And with pro features like quarter-inch outputs, a mic input with EQ, an external input, and even the ability to disable the crossfader for people like me who don’t use one, it seems like a good and affordable choice to take you from a standing start, to your first professional gig — and beyond.

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