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Riding quite the hot streak as of late following the release of this Invasion EP alongside Prismatic and teaming up with Chime for a remix of Trivecta’s “Wasteland,” Au5 continues to make his presence felt unveiling his captivating new original, “Answers.”

Proving once again to be as versatile as they come creating melodic soundscapes that invite listeners on a musical journey, Denver’s well-rounded composer and music technologist has taken the time to share a few production tips for all the electronic music producers out there to celebrate the release of his newest single.

Stream Au5’s “Answers” and list of production tips below.

1. Avoid limiters on transient sounds like drums, instead use saturators in order to preserve perceived dynamics and punch.

2. Use lookahead automation on the maximizer when mastering – high values on soft sections to avoid distortion, low values on loud sections to avoid compression artifacts and increase loudness.

3. Separate sound design sessions from composition sessions. This builds a repertoire of unique samples/patches to source from without losing the flow during the writing process.

4. Make use of band splitting to separate and preserve the clarity of sub frequencies while applying effects to the higher frequencies.

5. Use multiband sidechain compression to create space in the mix when layering vocals or lead instruments.

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