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After performing for over 2,000 wedding receptions so far during his DJ career, Joe Kalamaras of Sacramento Wedding DJs continues performing throughout the state of California.

“We continue lots of sanitizing of microphones and our other gear,” he says. “We also perform new guest interactions with a program of our own, called www.playsyoursong, for distanced requests.”

“Outdoor gatherings on private land is how we do events this year,” says Cody Reinheimer, a DJ in Durango, Colorado.

As a mobile DJ, how are you dealing with current state/national mandates for parties and gatherings? Do you have any social distancing game ideas?

Outdoor gatherings on private land is how we do events this year.

Are brides cancelling venues and doing backyard parties/weddings instead?

Is it actually a DJ’s job to enforce mask protocols?

According to Joe, he’s been in the wedding business for over three decades. He says his brand has evolved into an interactive brand, combining a storytelling style with a soundtrack.

But just like things have changed this year all over the country…

“With Covid in our lives, the emphasis actually continues to shift towards interaction,” he explains. “Since Covid entered our lives, 90-percent of our work has postponed into late 2020 and beyond. The remaining weddings have both scaled back and transitioned to private estates.”

Joe says his role has encouraged distance and safety, without sacrificing the personal nature of what his company is doing.

“We sanitize label mics before applying them to the groom and even an officiant,” he explains. “We only use a microphone on a stand for toasts, and use a sanitizing wipe before inviting up each presenter.

“Prior to speeches, I ask those speaking to refrain from touching the microphone or stand, and if they do then I wipe it down before introducing the following person. We also developed a ‘Text the DJ’ application,, which allows DJs to print their own QR code, place them near guests, and then easily receive requests from guests from a distance.”

Joe says game ideas he now integrates include “Kissing Couples,” “Centerpiece Giveaway,” “Newlywed Trivia,” “Newlywed Mad Libs,” a drinking game named ‘Never Have I Ever,’ and a tableside elimination contest to determine the longest married couple‑‑which transitions into the shoe game for that couple and the newlyweds . . . side by side.

“We have plenty more, but those are a few,” he adds.

“During Covid weddings I’ve noticed very few wearing masks and I don’t believe that it’s our job to enforce masks, but it’s our job to lead by example.”