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“What Would You Do” is written by JOSP’s Mike Kindlick, where each month he explores various situations, offering insight to solutions, condolences and empathy for some of the DJ/Entertainment Industry’s most pondering scenarios.

I hope everyone is staying safe as we continue to make our way through a most uncertain time. Our industry, hit extremely hard, has been at a near-standstill for months. As I find myself trying to navigate our multi-op company through this time, I know most of you are doing the same, while asking “What Comes Next”?

So, this month I decided to look at the diplomacy of rescheduling events — and avoiding as many cancellations as possible. So, our “What Would You Do?” this month is more of a “What Are You Doing?”

As the Covid Pandemic caused our economy to shut down, it was only a day or two until we all started receiving frantic emails or calls from clients reaching out on what to do about their event. The questions came in with everything ranging from “can we move our date”, to “can we get a refund”? Oh, the word no DJ likes to hear, “REFUND”! I shall pause a moment while everyone cringes at the thought…

As we prepared our staff on full alert, most working from home, to reach each and every booked client, we knew we needed to make sure their needs were addressed, let them know that we had their back. So, whenever a situation arises regarding a reschedule or a possible cancellation, here are a few things that help us navigate the process professionally and with positive results.

Tip #1: Regardless of why a client needs to reschedule or cancel, the first thing is making them feel comfortable and safe. Let them speak, listen to their concerns, and empathize with them. You may have multiple events on your plate, but theirs is the only one that matters to them. Make them feel important! They hired you because you made that personal connection with them, so keep that connection going.

Tip #2: Be proactive! The hardest part for a client in these times to reschedule is finding a new date that each of their vendors are available for. We make sure that we have all vendor contacts which we will be working with for their event. It may be time consuming but reach out to every vendor you can. Assist your client by helping them to work together. It saves them some time and effort, but more importantly shows you will take that extra step to prioritize their needs!

They hired you because you made that personal connection with them, so keep that connection going.

Tip #3: “BE AVAILABLE.” As a multi-op company, rescheduling dates is usually not an issue, but may not be so easy for our single-op DJs. The last thing you want to do is lose a customer because you cannot adapt to their needs. But, if you are already booked, you cannot be in two places at one time. If there is a way to do this, please let me know because I would love to make it happen. Until technology allows us to clone ourselves, make sure you have a professional network to call upon for such instances! There are those in our industry, in our market and across the nation, that all I would have to do is ask and they would be there to assist us. Build those business relationships! I follow the principle “it is better to have a friend than a foe.” Just make sure the friend is a professional you are working with because it is your reputation that will come into regard!

No one likes to have to make changes to their event schedule, especially of the magnitude we are currently experiencing, but remaining calm, cool, and collective, while following a few steps can help make the process less stressful for all! Now this is just my take on a situation and where it may seem like a simple solution to one, someone else might not think the same. Only one person can make the decision for you, so just ask yourself, “What Would You Do?”

Mike Kindlick is the owner of Jam On Sound Productions in Reading, Pennsylvania, and has been in business since 1994.