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After dropping a few live stream sets, Alison Wonderland continues to make the most of her quarantine with her new DJ tutorial series!

In a time where many have had plenty of time to pick up a few new hobbies over the past five months due to the ongoing coronavirus pandemic, one of Australia’s leading ladies has launched her very own DJ tutorial for beginners series.

Her early years saw her DJing at any venue that would book her (including strip clubs) to help hone her craft before becoming the globe-trotting festival fan-favorite she is today so it’s safe to say she certainly knows a thing or two when it comes to stepping behind of Pioneers.

Stripping it all down and getting back to basics in this tutorial, she’s breaks down the use of the play/cue button, master tempo button, the mixer, explains the use of the cue button and much more.

Check out the inaugural edition of Wonderland’s DJ tutorial series below and enjoy!

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