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Big news today coming from Roland with the announcement of the release of a powerful new firmware update for the flagship drum machine in the AIRA series, the TR-8S Rhythm Performer.

Coming in the form of the free Version 2.0 update, this firmware update offers next-level enhancements like an FM synthesis engine with Morph control, expanded performance effects, and helpful reload functions to speed up workflow. Version 2.0 extends the possibilities even further, bringing a new dimension of sound creation to the iconic TR platform.

The newly added FM synthesis engine delivers an array of futuristic tone colors, including silvery metallic hits and other harmonically rich percussion sounds.

Version 2.0 adds Saturator, Freq Shift, Ring Mod, and Spread effects to the mix, which can be assigned to control knobs for shaping sounds on the fly.

Version 2.0 also adds many reload functions that restore pattern and kit elements to their stored states with quick actions, providing exciting new ways to manipulate beats while creating sounds and performing live.

Check out the official Roland TR-8S Rhythm Perfomer v2.0 update overview below. For more information, visit

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