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DJs need to get creative when entertaining at an event nowadays — masks and social distancing put quite a crimp in the proceedings. But don’t worry, all is not lost.

Bob Kreider
I’ve been fortunate enough to DJ eight events since March. In past years this number would be around 40, so services are down quite a bit. But of those that I’ve done, all were at a private residence (no venues), with no mask and no distancing. The client has had very little input about their preferences. I’m okay with or without enforcing mandates, and have let the couples to determine their choice. No social distancing or games, other than I provide a cornhole game with my services.

Marshall Green, New York
It’s been all over the place for me, but no venue has required anyone to wear anything. We just post it.

Claude Nickerson, central Virginia
As this is dragging on 99% of the guests at my weddings, with business as usual. Last weekend only the photographer wore a mask, with not a single to be found elsewhere. People maybe stood a little further apart early, but by the time dinner was over it was just like 2019. I’ve got property at Smith Mountain Lake. I live in Louisa county and do weddings all over the mid Atlantic

DJ Valentina Providence, RI
Venues are sending vendor guidelines prior to the wedding day. Guests are required to wear masks. Some venues (but not all) require guests and vendors to get tested prior to the wedding. Couples are providing with hand sanitizers, plus custom-made masks for the guests as favors in addition to the one they bring to the venue. The shoe game, although not new, is becoming a great way to entertain guests at their seats.

Craig Wolf, Toronto, Ohio
Some are requiring it and some say to do, but don’t care if they do or don’t. I did play a version of musical chairs, with six-feet spaces kind funny.

Craig Buffington, DJ Pro Oklahoma/Oklahoma
I too have seen very little mask-wearing in Oklahoma City. I’ve hosted four weddings. Some baby-boomer-aged people and parents of small children seem to be wearing masks, but not much more. I bring boxes of masks and hand sanitizer with me for their use. I don’t want to police the event, but do like this announcement: “I’m not here to judge anyone, but I’m wearing a mask, because if my wife sees any Social Media Pics of me without a mask on, she’ll kill me. But if you forgot a mask and would be more comfortable wearing one, I have plenty at the DJ Booth, along with hand sanitizer, and you are welcome to both.”

John Hubela, New York City
I’ve been doing a few micro weddings—ceremonies and dinner parties—but no dancing. Outdoor spaces, wearing a mask per venue even though more than six feet away from the nearest guest.

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