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As DJs, entertainers, and business owners, we are constantly searching for ways to inform clients of our services and to persuade them to hire us over someone else. In a sea of endless choices for many clients, you must figure out smart and exclusive concepts to make your business or services stand out from everybody else’s.

Informative and Persuasive Marketing are both powerful strategies that will do this and are used when conveying the strengths of your DJ services. Although both forms are useful resources for building a brand and conveying a powerful message, they have very specific differences and should each be used strategically.

The major differences in these marketing strategies relates to the way each seeks to deliver your information or message. Informative Marketing has compelling and alluring techniques, but relies more heavily on facts or statistics, whereas Persuasive Marketing seeks to appeal to client emotion or excitement to close the sale.

Informative Marketing
What is Informative Marketing? It relies heavily on facts and figures to trigger a desired action and is usually framed in a compelling way. It can use techniques that, instead of focusing on a clever way to convince customers to sign with you, chooses to rely solely on the strength of your business features, capabilities and offerings to encourage them to sign with you.

Examples: Ebooks, “How-to” videos, blogs, and brochures are all types of informational marketing because they present an exact explanation of your service or product, and what sets it apart from other products or services in the industry.

Persuasive Marketing
Persuasive Marketing, on the other hand, often uses more emotional and sentimental ideas. The goal of this strategy is to drive selective demand for your services. It tends to be user-oriented. It has a mission of building a selective company preference by communicating a personal benefit for a user that is meaningful to them in a heartfelt way.

Examples: This type of Marketing may use images or videos from a recent wedding or event, to encourage clients to associate positive emotions with your company.

Regardless of which way you decide to go with your strategy, both Informative and Persuasive Marketing will focus on different aspects of making a client sign with you. So, it is important to decide what your company is aiming to achieve. You may want to evoke emotion, or instead give statistics, but no matter which route you choose, you need to use some form of online, digital, or content marketing strategy to catch your audience’s attention.

Although both strategies utilize different elements of enticement to get a client to sign with you, they still aim to achieve the same goal: convincing your audience to take a desired action. How you go about getting your audience to take this action is where you must be cutting edge and smart. In the end you will have to use both factual information and creativity to create the perfect strategy and see success with new clients coming to you for your services. Stay safe and stay well out there!

Joshua Volpe is the owner of Rochester, N.Y.-based Kalifornia Entertainment.

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