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With live gigging brought to a minimum due to pandemic concerns, many DJs have turned to live-streaming as a method to maintain their brand and push new music. In fact, some streaming DJs – like D-Nice, for example – have broken even bigger and found new audiences.

Clubbing TV is one of the world’s top live-streaming platforms, so we asked its CEO/founder Stéphane Schweitzer for some basic tips that DJs can use when they want to create an impactful streaming experience. Here are his Top 5 aspects that make a great live-stream:

1. The Music & Sound

Very simply, at Clubbing TV, we wouldn’t be doing so many live-streaming and live-broadcasting from the major festivals and with so many DJs if it weren’t for the music. Music has to be at the top of your list when you decide to live stream. Which means… first of all, a great playlist, handpicked and nicely curated, but also a great sound quality. On the tech side, make sure the gains of your mixer won’t be too high, don’t overload, but don’t “undermix” either. A safe bet is to stay around -3 dB. In other words, green is fine, orange is OK, red can blink, but should never stay red steady.

2. The Ambiance

For us, live-streaming and live-broadcasting are made to entertain those who can’t go out. Whether you decide to live-stream an ambient set or an industrial-techno live act, you need to create a special ambiance for your viewers. Because of the pandemic, many artists are now producing their own live-streams from their homes or studios – so you need to try to stand out. You don’t necessarily need to spend a lot of money to create a special experience. Some artists managed to catch the eye of the audience by just playing in their kitchen or even in their bathroom. Make sure you have nice lights, a clean background and most importantly, be creative! (Look at this example of Franz Matthews playing from his kitchen.)

3. The Interaction with Your Viewers

People do not expect you to chat like a YouTuber – no, they are here for the music. But you need to interact a minimum with them by just introducing yourself in the video or saying hello in the comments section. Take some time to answer to the « Track ID » requests or technical questions about your set-up.

4. The Video Quality

While the audio quality should be at the top of your list, people can get really annoyed if the video quality is
mediocre. Even if you don’t have professional cameras, phones nowadays can do the trick and capture a good quality of image. Do some tests before streaming, record your image for one to five minutes and watch it afterwards. This will avoid any focus or bad-angle problems, for example.

5. The Smooth Streaming Experience

There is nothing more annoying than a stream being cut or buffering when you are watching it and enjoying it. Your internet connection needs to be stable and good enough to start streaming. You can do a speed test before to make sure the upload speed is OK. Then, you’ll have the confidence to cut loose and rock your live-stream like a pro. Get busy, DJs!

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