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Antari MB (Mobile) Series

Antari MB (Mobile) Series Antari continues to expand with the introduction of the new MB Series, a series of mobile fog machines designed to reliably function without the need of a direct AC power source. MB series machines are perfect for use in photography, film, theater, industrial testing and so much more.

▪️ MB-1 MB-1 is a 75W fog generator powered by 12V battery. Its ultra-compact and light weight design make the unit a perfect choice for placing in or on props, inside set pieces as well as hand held operation. The unit comes neatly packed in a durable case with a battery pack, charger and a bottle of fluid.

▪️ MB-20 MB-20 is a 600W battery powered portable fog generator. A powerful and compact machine with a unique “instant-on” heater core that allows the machine to be ready in seconds and fog continuously. The MB-20 also features adjustable output and manual or DMX control with an available optional wireless control option.

▪️ MB-55 MB-55 is a 1450W fog generator with tremendous output volume. The MB-55 uses Antari’s heat preserve technology that allows the machine to fog for a limited time when disconnected from main power allowing the machine virtually anywhere to quickly deliver large volumes of thick long lasting fog. Handle-mounted push button with adjustable output volume make for simple onboard control with an available optional wireless control option.