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Whether you’re a veteran or an upstart, every DJ must find a way to raise or maintain a public profile – and then fill the calendar with gigs. At DJX ’22, we’ll present a pair of info-rich sessions that will help you do just that.

Press Record: Content Creation for Mobiles

With this info-filled, 90-minute presentation, North Carolina’s DJ Eyecon (aka Charles Seaton) will moderate a panel of industry leaders to discuss the why and the how of content creation for mobile entertainers/entrepreneurs. Learn how to raise and maintain your profile by creating consistent online content. Learn the strategies, the mechanics, and the gear necessary to create impressive content that’ll benefit your DJ career.

From cameras to editing software, from content-posting to social avenues, this session will offer it all. Panelists to include industry leaders like Joe Bunn, Jason Jani, Nick Spinelli, DJ Barr, Rick Webb and Cleveland Terry. Bring your questions to the panel because these pros will have all the tips to help you stand out in your market and beyond.

Fill Your Calendar: Tips on Booking Non-Saturday Gigs

Looking to book more low-key Friday & Sunday gigs? Interested in a New Year’s Eve gig in Cabo? Want to DJ for top brands like Victoria’s Secret? Open for Snoop Dogg? Veteran West Coast talent DJ Staci The Track Star (aka Staci Nichols) books gigs like these on Thumbtack and The Bash year-round. She’ll teach you step-by-step how to make these sites profitable for you: which profile settings and options to choose so you weed out undesirable clients, how to create a killer profile, and exactly what to say in your quotes and follow-ups.

Yes, it is possible to find A-List clients and sexy gigs on these sites. DJ Staci will share real data on Thumbtack and The Bash’s fees, earnings, bookings, and over-all rate of return. These sites require a very different approach than The Knot and Wedding Wire! Start booking more than just one gig a week (while saving your sanity)! Find out how with DJ Staci!