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BASSBOSS Powered Loudspeaker Systems create intensely powerful products that redefine expectations for audio experiences. Created for professionals who demand extreme performance, audiophile sound, and extraordinarily deep bass.

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DJ18S Powered Subwoofer

The DJ18S subwoofer’s compact size and excellent output-to-price ratio is perfect for gigging DJs or venue owners with limited space.

DJ18S Powered Subwoofer

A powerful, easily portable system for extremely deep bass and superior sound quality, the DJ18S offers Plug and Play usage, integrated DSP, a 2400 watt continuous amplifier, and a compact, lightweight design. With intensely deep bass for its size, it offers frequency response (±3 dB) 27 – 100 Hz, bringing alive notes that mass-market subs can’t reproduce.

DV12 Powered MicroMain


The DV12-MKII is a high-impact, wide dispersion and long-throw cabinet with the ability to fill many venues without the need for a subwoofer. In Satellite Mode, when the DV12-MKII is paired with a BASSBOSS sub, its abundant power is used to provide even higher output levels in the mid and high ranges. With extreme SPL for its size, it offers significantly more output than competing cabinets.

Ultra-wide 120 degree horizontal dispersion covers wide audience areas easily. Its line-array wave-guide provides tight vertical pattern control resulting in improved clarity at greater distances. This design also provides more even sound level over those distances than conventional horns.

VS21 Powered Subwoofer

VS21 Powered Subwoofer

Versatility that covers every genre, with massive punch and plenty of heft. Excellent transient response is delivered by the efficient performance of the horn at the upper end of the subwoofer range. Fits in the same space as the CVL36, and gives you exponentially more BOOM.

The resulting impression is a very big, heavy hit. Extended depth is delivered by the large acoustical volume, low tuning and the massive displacement of the long-excursion 21″ woofer.