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Eliminator Lighting is a DJ, Club & Entertainment Lighting Supplier that bring you Real Value in DJ & Club Lighting with great quality at an affordable cost!

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Aqua LED 2

eliminator Aqua LED 2

The Eliminator Lighting Aqua LED 2 is a multi-colored simulated water flowing effect with a white 50W COB LED source. It features two operational modes: seamless scrolling colors or single-color operation.

Eliminator Lighting Aqua LED 2 Introduction Video:

Furious Five RG

Furious Five RG

The Eliminator Lighting Furious Five RG offers five exciting entertainment lighting effects in one fixture. Its lightweight and easy to use in sound active mode, or create your own programs using the DMX controls.



Miniature LED Par for wash lighting lounges, clubs, stages and venues. The red, green, blue and white (RGBW) LEDs offer a huge palette of colors to choose from via DMX, or set the fixture to one of the many built-in in operational modes and let the Mini Par RGBW LED paint the room with color.