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Flutter FETTI manufactures the largest variety of Confetti, Streamers, Hand Flick Launchers and Co2 launchers all handmade in our factory in Largo, Florida USA. We Custom Color our products and sell them to DJ’s at our WHOLESALE cost. Call us toll free (877-321-1999) to ORDER NOW for your next event!

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“Hand-Flick” Confetti Launchers

Our “Hand Flick” tubes offer you a GREAT WAY to MAKE MONEY plus they add a big “WOW” effect at your client’s event! You can buy them WHOLESALE FROM US then sell them to your clients with a high markup! These come in various tube lengths filled with a wide range of products enabling you to shoot products to the height you need with NO Co2. Click here to see our Variety of Hand Flick tubes or Call us NOW for a Tube Recommendation!

Handheld Co2 Confetti Launchers

handheld co2 confetti launchers

Our Handheld Co2 launchers come in 3 different sizes. The Quarter Turn shoots confetti 33’ high x 14′ wide. Our Mega Blaster with a 2” barrel shoots confetti 38’ high X 16’ wide plus it can shoot or die cut products. Finally, our Master Blaster shoots confetti 40′ high X 12′ wide plus it can shoot our Large Streamers 85′ into the air. All our Co2 launchers come with our U.S. Patented Piercing unit which won’t leak! They are available for rent or purchase. Click here to See them in Action plus Contact us Today to Discuss which would be perfect for your Event Needs!

Co2 Confetti Launcher Products

Flutter FETTI® offers the LARGEST VARIETY of Confetti and Streamer products in the marketplace. Our Confetti and Streamers products come packaged in 9” or 18” Speed Load tubes. These are plastic tubes which allows the products to slide out of the tube quickly and easily. We can package the products in 2” X 10” poly bags for use in our Mega Blaster Launcher. We customize our streamer products to shoot the distance you need. Call us for a Product Quote.

Continuous Flow Confetti Blowers

confetti blowers

We offer 5 types of Continuous Flow Blowers for rent or purchase. If you rent one and love it, we would apply the rental price you paid to the purchase price. Most DJ’s love our Baby Gerb because the horn on it is adjustable. It can shoot confetti in a 10’ ceiling. It shoots 1 lb. of Flutter FETTI (19,500 pieces of confetti) 50 ft. high. It’s also compatible with a DMX system. Call us to Discuss ALL our Continuous Flow Blowers.

Wedding Confetti

Since Weddings are BIG EVENTS for DJ’s, our “Hand Flick” tubes, our Co2 launchers plus our Baby Gerb launchers would be Perfect “Special Effects” to offer your brides! They are easy for you to use plus our products will AMAZE your Guests and the Bride and Groom will be thanking you ALL NIGHT LONG for adding Flutter FETTI® products to their Celebration! Be sure to check out our Website Gallery showing Brides using our products. Call a Confettiologist for suggestions for the Perfect Product for your next Wedding event!