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At Gemini, their goal is to design products that offer value and innovation in the DJ and Pro Audio markets. Since 1974, they’ve evolved and thrived by understanding the needs of their customers and recognizing industry trends. From our humble beginnings, they understood the potential of the DJ movement. And their ability to support this movement not only helped us grow as a company, it helped DJs gain recognition and esteem, calling deserved attention to their roles as artists and performers.

With success and growth comes evolution and expansion. The DJ revolution will always be near and dear to Gemini – and they know there’s still so much room for innovation – but our portfolio continues to develop in scope and diversity. Today, Gemini provides groundbreaking products for DJs, musicians, engineers, sound contractors and professional installers around the globe. They’ve built an international presence with affordable, reliable gear and long-standing relationships that span decades and continents.

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Gemini SDJ-4000 Professional Dual Deck USB Media Player

Gemini SDJ-4000

This sophisticated one-stop DJ solution eliminates any need to bring your computer to a performance. We’ve drawn on our years of experience in building media players for DJs to create the SDJ-4000. The SDJ-4000 is capable of phrase and beat syncing music, visualizing playback on a beautiful 7” display and beat synchronized effects. Of course, if your collection is large and you’d like to pre-analyze your tracks, our V-CASE software can do that for you. This is the perfect solution for today’s professional DJs.

Pro DJ Features: 4-channel mixer, central color display, dual USB ports, and a totally embedded system with no computer or DJ software required.

Multicolor Performance Pads: With 8 multicolor performance pads on each side of the deck, the SDJ-4000 has more potential than ever to rock your crowd

Link And Sync: Connect with up to 2 additional media players and use Link mode to share USB libraries and even sync external players.

Gemini SDJ-400 Introduction Video:

Gemini CDM 4000BT 2 Channel Professional Dual MP3/CD/USD USB Mixer

Gemini CDM-4000BT:

The CDM-4000 USB/CD DJ Player is a powerful, cost-effective tool that provides easy-to-use track search and playback features across dual CD decks. Combining practical functionality with the control of a central mixer section, the CDM-4000 offers a versatile, all-in-one solution for mobile DJ rigs, as well as bar and club installations. Combining powerful functionality with affordability, the CDM-4000 offers a versatile, all-in-one solution for mobile DJ rigs, club, and bar installations.

GSP-L2200PK: Ultra Powerful Bluetooth 2200 Watt Peak Speaker with Party Lights


Gemini is famous for – incredible audio engineering and robust drivers combined with state of the art amplification. GSP-L2200PK pumps an incredible 2,200 watts of power through its massive 15″ high excursion woofer and 3.5″ horn tweeter.GSP-L2200PK packs Bluetooth streaming and stereo pairing, so you can even create a wireless stereo pair with another GSP-L2200PK speaker.

It has a built-in Media Player with support for playing music from your USB drives or SD cards plus, the FM radio is perfect for tailgating or the beach. Plus, the full audio mixer gives you the inputs and outputs you need to turn any place into your private concert venue! The user-controllable lighting can flash and change colors to the beat of the music, glow or pulse in a single color, or turn completely off. It is up to you.