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Rasha Kodiak

Kodiak is the perfect moving head wash luminaire for small to big event production. It has a smooth color wash with a 10:1 zoom ratio, 7-degree to 70-degree zoom range without a hotspot. Kodiak features 12 40W RGB and White LED chips. You will be pleased to see the surface of the front lens is evenly illuminated when looking directly towards the light and the grid that separates the LEDs is virtually invisible. The beam tilts up to a 70-degree angle, which is a very useful wash effect for short distances. The minimum beam angle is even more impressive, at just 7-degrees. This means you can work well in larger spaces like in arenas. As the zoom closes, the beam remains perfectly uniform with no dark patches in the center. When the beam is tilted at a 7-degree angle, the diffused wash mode transforms into a concentrated narrow beam. In this operating mode, Kodiak has all the advantages of a parallel beam light and has individually controllable micro-beams. This fixture allows you to control every single LED emitter, which turns its light beam into a set of separate micro-beams, each with its color and light intensity. In this mode, the shape of the light can be changed in mid-air with an attractive color effect. You can also create a moving color effect, dynamic graphic led configuration, and vortex effect.