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Like so many DJs, Scott Siewert, aka Screaming Scott from Full Tilt Entertainment in Madison, Wisconsin, has had a tough 2020.

But his has been a physical struggle. At a wedding he performed in September, he got COVID.

“For 10 days I was wiped out beyond belief,” he said.

After this experience, he scaled back on interactive activities and replaced some of the interactive with one of the best mixers in the country.

The survivor skills have to kick in now.

“His name is Rick Jules out of Milwaukee,” said Siewert. “He is the DJ for the Milwaukee Bucks and Brewers. Since things were slow for him too (because of Covid), I was lucky enough to book him to double team with me on all my remaining weddings. His unbelievable mixing skills have filled the void of the interactive stuff removed from my productions. I do believe our productions are at a whole new level. He mixes and I’m the front man with the microphone.”

Like so many others in the industry, Siewert only had a quarter of the performances this year. “It’s been brutal.”

We asked Siewert about his expectations for 2021.

“Currently my calendar is really slow. The slowest I have ever seen it since starting Full Tilt Entertainment. Our main market is Wisconsin. It has been a yo-yo ride with our current Governor’s restrictions. Some counties are open and others are not. I don’t think anyone really knows what to expect for next year. Brides are hesitant on booking because they don’t know if things will be shut down. Many Brides also are worried about their guests being exposed to Covid as well. These two factors will not get better until a vaccine is out. Other viruses have taken years and years to find a vaccine. I’m not holding my breath that this will happen.”

“I try to be an optimist but I am much more realist and survivalist! Many in our industry are finding themselves working jobs outside the entertainment industry for the first time in many years. I haven’t come to that point yet. The last two months have been normal income for me but EVERY corporate holiday party game show canceled on me. My top paying corporate client in Tampa said their numbers are down 83% as a whole, so they aren’t going to have a party. They had me 7 years in a row. Wedding season officially ended this past Saturday night. Nothing on the books for quite a while. The survivor skills have to kick in now. Maybe a job welding for my first time since 1989. The one blessing is my overhead is super low! No van or equipment payments to come up with.”