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We’re all hoping that 2021 is a better year than 2020. We asked DJs what their plans and expectations are for the year.

Chris Keith, Music For The Masses DJ, Missouri
Realize that next year we could potentially have twice the amount of clients looking to book. Due to the clients from this past year who have postponed, plus the normal clients who were already planning to marry in 2021. This means that every available date is more valuable. Know your worth and ask for it. Be prepared to hear “no” a few times before you get a “yes.”

Corey Smolenski, Interactive Entertainment, Buffalo Grove, IL
With 2020 being the way it’s been, New Year’s resolutions are a bit late. After 42 years in business and constantly evolving, I’ve used this pause with live events to fine-tune our virtual and hybrid platforms, pivot as needed, and launch our new upgraded website. Gaining clarity in the direction of my family of companies is essential, and we’re poised for emerging in the new year stronger and more diversified than ever before.

Sean Michael Shipper, The Party Express DJs, Pennsylvania
The year 2021 for me will be a year I most likely start looking into part-time DJing after 22 years. I cannot get employees, I cannot get people who want to train, and everyone wants the same dates—primarily in May, June, September and October. A career-shift into something audio-related would be desirable, but only if it’s a necessity to people. Necessity businesses killed it financially during COVID.

Ryan Meeks, Non-Stop Entertainment
Going out of business after 2021. Finishing up gigs. Got my real-estate license and not looking back. Timing was lucky for me.

John Hubela, City DJs, New York City
Will launch additional brands to address social and economic changes, which are created by splintering demand and specific expectations by consumers.

David Anthony Jr., A Posh Production, Illinois
I’ll actually be making a change. No more rapid growth, no more paying myself half of what I could be in order to stock up on equipment, vehicles, etc. to facilitate future growth. I’m big enough, so it’s time to take the money out before the government’s next ill-conceived lockdown

Roy Price
After 30 years I decided to stop doing weddings. The money is great and the work is steady, but the time and stress is just no longer worth it. Having all these months and weekends off has shown me what I’ve been missing. Now I’ll just focus on gigs that are more fun and interesting to me.