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Picking up right where they left off after a year where the duo unloaded a steady barrage of new music, Galantis has teamed up with viral sensation JVKE for their new single “Dandelion.”

Coming together to create a feel-good tune driven by a sprightly beat and infectiously distorted vocals, “Dandelion” serves as a vibrant gem that tells a story of fleeting love.

“Dandelion’ came about after JVKE requested to hop on a Galantis Instagram Live. I recognized him from TikTok and I asked him what he was up to. He said he was working on an idea for a song and started to sing it for me. I really loved the vibe and he asked if I was down to work on it together. We ended up sending it back and forth and it became this natural organic collaboration with no real plan or goal. The past year has really changed how we make music and work with other artists, with negative circumstances actually opening doors to unlikely opportunities,” Galantis explains.

Start your weekend with this uplifting new collaboration below.

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