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After unleashing his fury with singles “Marrakesh” and “Touch Me”, blossoming bass producer ALRT has struck again with his blistering 6-track offering, his new NRG: Vol 2 EP.

“I’m excited for the world to hear NRG: Vol 2,” said ALRT. “I’ve been keeping ‘Sex’ in the back of my drawer for a while now and can’t wait for fans to enjoy it. It’s like a high nrg bass house hybrid – some call it speed house. ‘See the NRG’ represents what I’m about in electronic music including a lot of energy, fun vocals, and tension at the same time! ‘The Underground’ is full of melodies, different pieces, and I’m happy with the final product. ‘N.N.F.’ is a tribute to one of my favorite genres – very much U.K. inspired drum n bass with a reggae type vocal which I love! ‘Marrakesh’ is a future trap type track with middle eastern influences, and ‘Touch Me’ is a high energy track heavily influenced my time growing up in the 90’s.”

See what all the hype is about surrounding ALRT with his new NRG: Vol 2 EP below.

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