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Still buzzing off of the announcement of deadmau5‘s brand new label hau5trap to start the week, the house-driven imprint makes it debut with Tommy Trash‘s “Hiiigh” featuring Daisy Guttridge.

Certainly no stranger to the mau5trap horde, the Australian talent showcases his versatility once again with a lush house anthem driven by alluring vocals and a booming bassline.

“Two years ago I took some time out to recharge and refocus my life. I had been through some crazy times, and was dealing with some stuff that had really screwed with my mojo. I ended up heading to South America to do some Ayahuasca ceremonies. Life-changing would be an understatement, to say the least. Aya really opened up my perception to a wider state of being and helped me refocus my life. ‘Hiiigh’ is a reflection of that moment in time – an ode to the process of rediscovery,” Tommy Trash explains.

Check out Tommy Trash’s “Hiiigh” below and be sure to stay tuned for plenty of new music from hau5trap in the coming weeks. Enjoy!

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