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It’s official, DMC World DJ Championships will be going down this year with 8 competitions to keep DJs busy from April through December! There will be four DMC World battle categories are returning and four will debuting for the first time ever.

There will be DMC World DJ Championship per month in addition to a brand new watch along for each category, where judges and champions comment live on the competition. Each battle will be pre-produced complete with host, DJ showcases, shoutouts and more.

“DMC has always come out fighting for the DJs, every type of DJ, club, radio, bedroom, mobile/party, producer. I’m proud that we inspired DJs and see where they are today. All DJs have a similar focus, to be creative with music, to do things that stand out, to be the best.

This year, rather than shrink into the COVID shadows, we’re fighting back and have created many events to expand the art of the DJ performer/producer. With travel and continuing social restrictions in the way, we have gathered our sponsors to ensure that you can be faced with challenges to stretch your talents and originality and build your global reputation. The companies who have long serviced the World’s DJs with new technology are right by your side.

The 2021 schedule will lead to new titles in many different formats with which we hope you can have creative fun, win prizes and titles and go on to conquer the world! Eventually this year we will arrive at the 2021 DMC World DJ Championship. The list of previous winners is long and magnificent, and so it will continue to be! We wish you safety and creativity on the totally online platform we have built for you. The very best of luck.” said DMC Founder, Tony Prince.

Check out the complete list of DMC DJ competitions below. All DJ competitions are free to enter and any DJ, of any age, from anywhere across the world can compete. Visit to learn more.

DMC World DJ Championships 2021

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