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With the lead single “I Ain’t Going Home” of their forthcoming debut EP still in heavy rotation, Niiko x SWAE has struck again unveiling their newest offering “Glue” alongside Zack Martino and Kyle Reynolds.

The dynamic duo adds to the ever-growing discography with a summer-ready collaboration that comes equipped with a bouncy bassline, uplifting piano chords and anthemic vocals that is the perfect addition to any playlist when it comes to soaking up some sun.

Speaking about the single off their forthcoming Field Trip EP, Niiko x SWAE said “pun intended, this song really helps “glue” the whole EP together. It’s radio-friendly, but also fun and energetic enough to be played in clubs, which makes it a really diverse track. In terms of momentum, we really think this song helps drive the EP and push forward our new sound we have been working so hard to perfect.”

Stream Niiko x SWAE and Zack Martino “Glue” featuring Kyle Reynolds below and enjoy!

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