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As drum’n’bass continues to see a spike in popularity here in the United States with bass music as a whole being a festival fan favorite, REAPER is one name pushing the genre forward with “Make A Move” being a prime example of what he is capable of cooking up.

Being one of the most promising rising talents in the world of bass, the masked madman adds to his relentless catalogue with yet another merciless production driven by a riveting vocal hook and muffled snare rolls resulting in an exhilarating listening experience which radiates a cinematic aura throughout.

“‘Make A Move’ is meant to introduce a cinematic soul to my flavor of jump-up drum and bass,” says REAPER. “This song is my war-cry. Unleash yourself and let that huge brassy-metallic bass move your body.”

Smash that play button below and “Make A Move” with REAPER’s newest weapon below.

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