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Hot on the heels of the release of “Crazy While We’re Young” alongside JT Roach, Crystal Skies has now connected with Danny Olson for “Like Water” featuring Jadelyn.

Crystal Skies mentions about the single: “We had a great time working on “Like Water” with Danny Olson and Jadelyn. They had a really solid demo already so it was easy to find inspiration and ideas to work with! We were aiming for a result that combines our two styles, and I think we hit a good balance, showcasing Danny’s orchestral composition and Jadelyn’s amazing vocals and songwriting while also adding a powerful, energetic drop section. We’re glad to be able to share this track with everyone and are looking forward to the chance to play it out once more live events start to return!“

Danny Olson adds, “Like Water represents a perfect collaborative effort between the cinematic and dance music worlds. I am thrilled to have a follow up record with Jadelyn, after the success of our “Fix You” cover, and also to have gotten the chance to work with Crystal Skies, a duo I have looked up to for many years with admiration of what they’ve accomplished. Finally, I couldn’t think of a better home than Lost In Dreams for this new sound, and I am so grateful to be included amongst a family of such talented artists, creative minds and visionaries.”

Stream Crystal Skies and Danny Olson’s powerful new single “Like Water” below.

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