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The viral saxophonist sensation Saxsquatch has returned the electronic dance powerhouse Monstercat to deliver a funky new collaboration alongside Half an Orange that goes by the name of “Moondance.”

Both being label fan favorites, their new tune is a driving house hit fueled by jazzy rhythms, upbeat drums and crisp percussive elements.

Saxsquatch shares, “I want to make the saxophone the biggest instrument in music. It’s been such a huge part of my life and I want people to experience it. My goal is to have people leaving my show wanting to learn the saxophone. This track is called “Moondance” because we wanted to get people tapping their big feet. Dancing heals anything.”

Half an Orange adds, “When you see a sasquatch holding a saxophone you think it’s a hilarious meme. Then you hear him play and realize this is a world-class musician. It’s amazing to see someone with nothing but a phone in the woods build such a giant social following. Everyone has reached out to him, from Billy Ray Cyrus to Jack Black. It’s a good message to kids that you don’t need a million-dollar studio to find success in music.”

Get your groove on with Saxsquatch and Half an Orange’s “Moondance” below. Enjoy!

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