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Once again proving to be one of the most promising producers in the world of electronic dance music, Slowpalace showcases his skills once again with a brooding new original coming in the form of “Blurred.”

Not necessarily a true party starter, the Los Angeles-based producer’s new single is a captivating tune fueled by an atmospheric soundscape that features moody melodies and striking basslines making for a somber listening experience while still packing a hefty punch.

“‘Blurred’ is my favorite song that I’ve made thus far and will forever be a song that I tell new listeners to check out if they are curious about what Slowpalace is about. Thank you to NIGHTMODE for giving it a chance. It’s been a goal of mine to be on Night Mode since it launched, and I couldn’t think of a better song to release with them,” Slowpalace explains.

Take a listen to the newest addition to the NIGHTMODE catalog, Slowpalace’s “Blurred” below and enjoy!

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