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Being one of the many who managed to keep busy throughout 2020 with the world in isolation, Boys Noize has hit the ground running getting back on the road popping up in clubs and festivals in addition to announcing the release of his fifth studio album, +/- (pronounced Polarity).

Setting the tone for what’s to come, the Berlin-based German-Iraqi talent has unveiled two singles off his forthcoming body of work coming in the form of (+)side “Nude” a collaboration with Tommy Cash and (-)side “Xpress Yourself.”

“+/- dives into the polar tension between the musical styles and worlds I find myself in”, Boys Noize states. “When you combine opposites, something transcendent can take place, something greater than the two parts. And with music, it becomes a magic that can create new worlds.”

Discussing “Nude,” Boys Noize explains: “This song is the epic result of the moments Tommy and I had together in my studio in Berlin raving till the sun came up, alternating between those opposite musical forces that drive rushes of energy: soaring melodicism and hard, atonal percussion. Catching that rare moment of Tommy singing softly is a personal highlight. “Nude” is an expression of our 2020 utopian dreams, everyone raving naked and free together in a time of social distance.”

Check out Boys Noize’s new singles below and be sure to keep an eye out for +/- which is set to be released on September 24th.

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