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First debuted during his ‘United At Home’ charity live stream from Dubai, David Guetta has finally released the future rave remix of “Titanium” to celebrate the timeless dance anthem’s 10th anniversary.

Connecting with his future rave partner in crime MORTEN to revisit his iconic single, “Titanium” has been pumped with new life receiving an electrifying festival-ready makeover.

“The anniversary of my album ‘Nothing But The Beat’ is a milestone in my career. In part because of my single ‘Titanium,’ David Guetta shares. “It’s probably my favourite all-time track I have ever created and the one I love playing live. Listening to seas of people singing so loudly together in unison at my shows around the world feels so surreal. I also love working with Sia so much. She is such an incredibly talented singer and songwriter with a phenomenally unique voice. It made me so happy over ten years ago when she accepted to keep her vocals on the track. I still feel it would not have been the same without her. We have always worked so well together and that’s why I find myself going back to her over and over to collaborate throughout the years. ‘Titanium’ transcends across the globe and touches so many lives. I am so proud of this track and truly believe that this song forever changed my career.”

Stream David Guetta and MORTEN’s exhilarating future rave remix of “Titanium” below.

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