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Looking to stay hot after releasing their Field Trip EP on Armada Music earlier this year, Niiko x SWAE prepare to light up club sound systems and festival grounds with the release of their latest weapon, “Eeny Meeny.”

Pumping new life into the classic children’s rhyme, the duo’s latest offering is an explosive electro-tinged weapon that was engineered to do some serious damage and ignite crowds wherever it may make an appearance.

“‘Eeny Meeny’ is a rebirth of the classic childhood nursery rhyme, but with a hard and unexpected twist”, Niiko x SWAE says. “Continuing the references to our childhood following our debut ‘Field Trip EP’, the dream-like vocals of ‘Eeny Meeny’ are juxtaposed with a darker, more bass-oriented production to invoke a nightmarish sense of nostalgia.”

Power into the weekend with Niiko x SWAE’s “Eeny Meeny” below and enjoy!

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