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The U.S. Government’s not offering incentives to fill out the federal census. But we’re offering swag for readers to fill out the DJ Times 2010 DJ Market Survey. If you’re interested in a chance at winning a $100 gift certificate to New York’s Rock and Soul DJ Equipment and Records, a subscription to DJ Times Magazine or two passes to the International DJ Expo, fill it out! If you’re a world class DJ, if you’re a DJ just starting out, or a local legend DJ and you call yourself a world-class DJ, even if you go by the name DJ Trainwreck, the survey is here, and we’d love to hear from you.

Call it our own Census Fever, or the chance to get our inner statistics-wonk on, but the market survey is one way that editors and publishers of DJ Times Magazine can track the shifting tides of the DJ industry, which, in turn, helps equipment manufacturers determine where to focus their energies.

Fill it out by Friday. Let your voices be heard.

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