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Say what you will about them, but the business of the Psychopathic Records family—home to Insane Clown Posse, Twiztid, Dark Lotus and many other fine representatives of the Juggalo hip-hop aesthetic—is never dull. And no one plays a larger role in constructing its sound than its longstanding in-house producer Mike E. Clark.

Since beginning his career in the late ’80s, he’s been affiliated at one point with almost every major hip-hop act to come out of Detroit, even logging in time with George Clinton and Kid Rock. In fact, he produced “All Summer Long,” the 2007 Lynyrd Skynyrd/Warren Zevon mash-up that became one of Kid Rock’s biggest hits. And like any good hip-hop producer, he’s been seeding the streets with mixtapes, such as the recently released Psychopathic Murder Mix, Vol. 2, which features ICP alongside Three 6 Mafia, Boondox, and other Psychopathic faves.

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