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Chauvet DJ has brought six-color LED technology to a three-in-one wash/blinder/chase effect with the launch of the COLORband Hex 9 IRC.

The COLORband Hex 9 IRC is a wash light capable of producing virtually any color imaginable due to its cutting-edge six-in-one RGBAW+UV LED technology. Equipped with nine high-output 7-watt LEDs (which emit a powerful 2,476 lux at two meters), the new fixture can also serve as an audience blinder at concerts and stage shows. The unit’s three independent zones of control can also create chase effects, giving users a high amount of versatility.

The COLORband Hex 9 IRC’s HEX LED technology offers smooth color blends, from bold primaries to true pastels and subtle tints in between. The ultra violet diode provides even more options, from creating iridescent shades not possible with most other wash lights or allowing the unit to serve as a black light.

The COLORband Hex 9 IRC can be controlled with the optional Chauvet DJ IRC-6 infrared remote controller or via DMX. The fixture has multiple DMX profiles available, including 6-, 9-, 11-, 18-, or 23-channels, for both simple and complex programming needs. The fixture requires little maintenance, with no moving parts and a 50,000-hour LED life. The unit’s 21-degree beam angle and variable strobe effect add more flexibility, and the fixture weighs in at just 10.8 pounds for enhanced portability.

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