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Ableton has partnered with Max for Cats to launch OSCiLLOT, a new Max for Live-based polyphonic modular system.

Featuring more than 100 freely patchable modules and dozens of pre-patched instruments and audio effects, OSCiLLOT allows Ableton users to build their own synthesizers and audio effect generators without the need for any programming knowledge. With OSCiLLOT’s modules connected with virtual patch cords, the system boasts near-infinite possibilities for users.

A wide variety of oscillators, filters, mixers, modulators, amplifiers, and sequencers are included from the start, allowing Live users to patch together their own FM, additive, or subtractive synthesizers as well as filters, convolution reverbs, mixers, frequency shifters, sequencers, drum machines, compressors.

OSCiLLOT aims to faithfully emulate a modular hardware system, but it also provides features that are only possible with software. Six voices of polyphony, the ability to annotate and save patches, and the choice of straight, curved, or hidden patch cords all add a sense of convenience. Additionally, while no programming knowledge is needed to patch together modules, programmers can create and modify their own via the available software development kit

OSCiLLOT is available now for $99 here.


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