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Mixed In Key has become the premier key-detecting software for DJs interested in harmonic mixing, and users can now upgrade to version 7 for all-new features and fixes.

The biggest addition to Mixed In Key 7 is the ability for the software to automatically generate and add Cue Points for use in both Serato and Traktor. After processing their tracks, users will be given the option to add up to eight new cue points per song. By default, the new cue points will not overwrite any existing ones set by users.

The interface has been improved with the update, combining “Analyze Songs” and “Browse Collection” into one window and speeding up the software. iTunes integration has also been enhanced in Mixed In Key 7, which also includes various housekeeping updates like Retina support for Mac OS X users and muti-core support for faster song processing. The full list of Mix In Key 7 new features is below.

Automatic Cue Points for Serato and Traktor
New: Better integration with iTunes
New: Better interface because we combined “Analyze Songs” and “Browse Collection” into one window, and made it faster
Excellent support for ID3 tagging, so you can use Mixed In Key results in Traktor, Serato, Pioneer CDJs + rekordbox, and every other DJ software.
Multi-core support for faster processing
Retina support on Mac OS X
Built-in audio player
Ability to see key changes in the middle of the track
Built-in grand piano, so you can hear your results with an instrument
Clickable “Camelot” wheel to browse songs quickly
Improved analysis for short samples and producer packs

Mixed In Key 7 is available as an upgrade for existing users, while interested DJs and producers can get more information and purchase the Windows or Mac OS X version at


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