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American DJ is giving mobiles a versatile four-in-one effects fixture with its new Zipper.

The Zipper is a barrel-mirror scanner that offers innovative movement and extreme portability, giving users a convenient and affordable new solution for breathing life into their lightshows. The unit combines four separate barrels and four different-colored 8W LEDs, generating an array of beam effects that can fill rooms. Its four heads and swivel-moment movement—enhanced by stepper motors with microstepping—are tailor-made to cover large areas in small venues.

The Zipper is equipped with 16 built-in shows that include barrels turning on and off, multi-color chase effects, and more. Users can also activate Display Inversion mode to have barrels mirror each other’s movements to generate synchronized lightshows.

Users have control over the intensity of both the color beams and pulse effects using 0-100% dimming. Users also have a choice between DMX-controlled, Sound Active, and Internal Show modes, all of which can be selected using the four-button digital display. DMX-Controlled mode offers 1-, 3-, and 11-channel options. The unit is also compatible with the separate UC IR wireless remote.

Watch a demo video of the Zipper below and go to for more information.


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