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Chauvet DJ has unveiled the Intimidator Wave 360 IRC, a unique array fixture featuring four tilting RGBW heads mounted on a single rotating base.

Each of the four heads is powered by a 12-watt quad-color LED with a 5-degree beam angle, creating intensely bright, focused aerial beams. Each of the tilting heads is independently controllable, which—when coupled with the continuous rotation of the base—can propel the array’s colorful beams to constantly move around the room.

Both the pan and tilt angles on the Intimidator Wave 360 IRC are full adjustable (pan 540°, 360° or 180°; tilt 270°, 180° or 90°), allowing users to direct the effects within a desired area to accommodate rooms and spaces of all sizes. Users also have access to a near-infinite spectrum of beam colors with the Intimidator Wave 360 IRC’s 4-in-1 RGBW LEDs, which are selectable via a DMX controller and 17 or 33 DMX channel operation. Non-DMX users can utilize built-in movement macros and color programs to create complex looks, and the unit can also be controlled using Chauvet DJ’s IRC-6 infrared remote controller.

The Intimidator Wave 360 IRC weighs in at just 19.4 pounds and features a variable strobe (0 to 20 Hz), included 3-pin DMX connectors, and a bright output of 16,670 lux at 2 meters. Up to four units can be linked in automatic, sound-active, or Master-Slave mode for displays featuring 16 moving heads.

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