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Avant garde electronic label Tri Angle Records celebrated its fifth birthday this past Friday at a secret Wall Street bank vault as part of the Red Bull Music Academy Festival New York, giving attendees an alt-star-studded blowout celebrating its legacy.

Label mainstays—including The Haxan Cloak, Evian Christ, Lotic, Rabit, Holy Other, and Forest Swords—played to the packed venue across two stages, delivering a night full on insanity that managed to outdo that of the adjacent New York Stock Exchange’s daytime chaos.

While the Tri Angle family expectedly delivered top-notch performances all night, it was an unannounced DJ set from Bjork that truly set the night aflame. Masked in a jewel-adorned face net, the Icelandic songstress laid out a beautifully perplexing set mashing up her favorite Tri Angle productions from last year with the vocals of some of her favorite tracks of all time. The surprise set is a continuation of the Tri Angle celebration, as label favorite The Haxan Cloak helped with production and mixing on Bjork’s latest LP Vulnicura.

You can stream Bjork’s set and browse through photos from the night below.

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