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Chauvet DJ is expanding its line of JAM Pack all-in-one lighting ensembles with the JAM Pack Silver, a three-in-one effects package poised and ready for your next party.

The JAM Pack Silver includes an LED moonflower, a three-color RGB wash fixture, and a combo UV wash/white strobe effect. The IRC-6 infrared remote controller and three eternal power supply adapters are also in the box.

The JAM Pack Silver makes it simple to create impressive visual effects without the need to program it, as all three fixtures are equipped with built-in Auto and Sound Active modes. The moonflower effect emits bright multicolor beams, all of which radiate from a powerful six-watt RGB LED source. The wash effect features three LEDs (one red, one green, and one blue) that can splash over a large area, and the combo UV wash/white strobe is armed with five UV and four white LEDs.

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