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After working hard to earn their money in tough economic times, a music fan wants to relax and catch a few tunes. They hear that their favorite band is coming to the area. A search online reveals that the tickets—though a bit costly—are within reason. The fan hits the “buy” button and receives a shock. The final price, after all sorts of extra fees added by the ticketing website, has gone up about 20 percent.

This disheartening experience happens to too many music lovers. They merely want to enjoy a live concert without going broke to do so.

What Are All These Fees, Anyway?

There are a number of names in which retailers call their extra charges. “Buyer fee,” “connection fee,” and “service charge” are all fairly common titles. No matter how the seller phrases it, the buyer has to pay a little more than the actual face value of the ticket.

The range of fees is quite wide. There seems to be no rhyme or reason to how the companies decide what to charge consumers. For example, a $90 concert ticket purchased on eBay can net a six-percent service charge. Meanwhile, a lower amount—say $85 on StubHub—results in a 15% surcharge. Yes, it is possible to pay more for a ticket that actually costs less.

One should not forget that if they opt for paper tickets, there is usually a delivery charge. For the average worker, these fees and charges price them out of the live concert market.

TourBeat is the Solution to Fee Overcharging

In most likelihood, the secondary retail ticketing sites will continue to assess their fees, which amount to millions of dollars in profit each year. So, what can be done?

TourBeat is one way to save money off the total price of concert tickets. The TourPass allows users to buy as many tickets as they want during the year with no service fees. The TourBeat website also has lower prices for listed concerts, largely because the company remains dedicated to making the live music experience available to all.

Fans also visit the website to keep track of appearance dates of their beloved performers. Gone are the days of having to check various social media outlets and blogs to find out where a band plans to be on stage.

Something for Everyone at TourBeat

TourBeat maintains a stockpile of tickets to even the most obscure musical genres. Anyone who enjoys music should take a look at the website to see if they can find something of interest.

Safe and Secure Transactions

Avoiding service fees is not the only financial benefit of the TourBeat TourPass. Site users can also rest assured that the SSL comes with the latest encryption technology to avoid hacking. There is little chance that some devious online cyber villain will be able to steal payment information entered on this site.

As shown here, there is a way to get around the secondary retail monopoly held by merchants charging high service fees. All it takes is visiting Tourbeat online and giving the TourPass a try.


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