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It’s Friday, so we’re treating you with a gift for your weekend playlists in the form of an exclusive free download of Disco Killerz & Sarah Charness’ new tune with Jem Cooke “Grip.”

For the lush, radio-ready anthem, the Disco Killerz team up once again with electronic violinist Sarah Charness for a genre-straddling ride featuring a massive vocal take from English singer Jem Cooke. Joyful, exuberant, and primed to sing along to, “Grip” is sure to be on repeat for weeks to come.

Peep the full track information and download it below.

Disco Killerz & Sarah Charness team up with English vocalist Jem Cooke on the single, “Grip,” the follow-up to Disco Killerz & Sarah Charness’ first single, “We Came To Party.” “Grip” is out now as a free download. From the outset, Disco Killerz’s come-hither, chiming synths instantly awaken the listener to this upbeat song full of positive vibes. The delicate beauty of the intro’s melodic synth progression sets the tone just in time for Jem’s sultry, full-throated vocal to take center-stage. Soon, Sarah Charness’ uplifting electronic violin grabs the airwaves and we’re off and soaring through the choruses of this sun-soaked, radio- friendly song.

“Grip” is ideally suited for blaring from the car stereo with the top down, our spirits cruising along an imagined roadway of eternal youth. The chorus builds, buoyed by the infectious quality of Jem’s voice while Sarah Charness’ electrifying, rousing violin takes over. In the end, Disco Killerz ensure that the song sits balanced in perfect harmony. Charness’ violin acts as the flawless counterweight to the vocal melody while Disco Killerz’ effusive production serves up just the right amount of joy on this bouncy song. Here is the catchiest of tunes to defy any kind of late-summer blues.

“Grip” is the first in a series of collaborations between Disco Killerz and Sarah Charness with vocal features including Delaney Jane and Kat Nestel. Additional music will be released in late-2015.


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