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Serato DJ users will soon be able to update to version 1.8, which brings major updates to key detection, Pitch ‘n Time DJ, and more.

Set for release as a free download for all DJs with supported Serato DJ hardware or licenses at the end of October, Serato DJ 1.8 adds a slew of new features. Users can now analyze the root key of their tracks in the free Serato DJ Offline Player as well as organize their library by key. A colored key display in the Serato DJ library allows for quick and easy recognition for key matching, and users can select one format to display key for all tracks (including Camelot, Open Key, Musical Key notation, or the original ID3 tag).

The Pitch ‘N Time DJ expansion has also been upgraded, giving users the ability to key shift, match, and sync for easy harmonic mixing. DJs can speed up or slow down tracks to extreme tempo values while still maintaining their original key perfectly. The update will be free for current Pitch ‘N Time DJ users or can be purchased in-app for $29.

Additionally, users can now remap their supported hardware for more advanced and customized controls. For now, this feature is not supported by official Serato accessories.

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