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Mysterious duo 99 Souls took the end of 2014 by storm with their bouncy Destiny’s Child and Brandy-sampling track “The Girls Is Mine,” and now the duo is back with their take on Snakehips’ single “All My Friends.”

For the remix, the pair takes the slow-burning R&B original and adds a slinky, groovy pulse that perfectly captures the melancholy of the track’s lyrics. Tinashe’s angelic ad-libs and anthemic chorus chant are now stacked onto an entrancing beat, ripe with stunning production and soul. This one’s a bit less explosive than 99 Souls’ elastic house single, but its neon-lit soundscape and sleek synth lines make it perfect for many a late night out.

99 Souls’ remix of “All My Friends is available to stream below and can be purchased here.


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